Mirelle Versteeg invites you to her Institutional dinner, inviting both friends and colleagues, in order to mix up the two systems.


In her work she creates a slightly absurd mixture of two very different worlds: the world of the arts, with it's institutional character, and that of living with friends and family, with it's domestic character. She uses the basic and effective method of changing a context to establish awareness towards the institutional structures in the domain. Take this text as an example of what that structure might be. However, it’s not only about bringing daily life into art, but also the other way around. For example by organizing a PTA meeting, where the parents can meet the tutors so they have a better look on what it is like to study at the art academy.


The artist attempts to give the space and time she shares with friends and family a place in the arts. By doing so she lures in those people to not just be the subject but participant as well, making it a mutual approach.


The artist surveilling as a guard in her family house is like kids playing pretend. This functions as a disclaimer: the artist might have her doubts about the art world as we know it, but rather then claiming to know how things should alter, she proposes to play with the characteristics of the system. The work is basically an expression of care towards the two different worlds. Mirelle arranges a meeting, in a desire to establish a fruitful relation.